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A Stellar Campout

One of the hardest challenges that the motorcycle community and collective society at large is facing is the lack of live social events. It’s been heavily felt and very true for me at least, only until just last weekend (Nov 20-22, 2020) …

In north Los Angeles county, just alongside the tip of the Angeles National Forest, where the foothills of the mountain range kisses the desert, lies the Stellar Moto Ranch. A beautiful Spanish style estate nestled on vast farmland. A property inclusive of a freshly prepared dirt flat track! This was going to be fun! The sun set with the sounds of a cool fall breeze, birds singing, goats bleating, and a donkey hee-hawing in the distance. All seemingly wanting to chime in with the conversations and laughter being had over at the ranch on Friday evening.

Upon arrival I kept attesting to feeling like I had come out of hibernation. Each familiar face and reconnection reminded me of how long it had been since I’d seen them before (all pre-covid-19.) Immediately I had to stop myself from the constant reflection of time passed or lost and simply focus on the present moment. There we were after all! Together! Even if only for a little while. Intentions were set in my mind to be present. To be open to give, to receive and to just have some fun! I believe I can attest for everyone in attendance when I say that fun was absolutely what we had!

Day 2 welcomed more familiar faces, but even more new connections! Ah, another thing I’d missed… meeting new bright faces who share the same passion. Wind sisters from the start. Everyone checked in. Set up their prospective camps, and rolled out their dirt bikes if they hauled them in. Soon we geared up and headed out on a group adventure to Kill Bill Church.

We came, saw and conquered. Boxed lunches were enjoyed. Smiles and laughter were shared. Friendships began to form and grow as new memories were being made by way of new experiences. An overall comfort of total acceptance amongst the group was felt even more so on the ride back to the ranch. It all just felt connected. It just felt so right.

We got back in time for a beautiful moonrise opposing a vibrant AF sunset while everyone had their chance to rip around on the dirt and chose from a multitude of mini bikes to dual sport bikes alike. One attendee, Natalie was even able to get back on two wheels again, something she hadn’t done in over 5 years! There was more fun that followed. More laughs. Amazing food, again. And well, you get the idea.

I’ll admit that Sunday morning’s sunrise came too soon. But with that came hot coffee and bright morning smiles to distract my bittersweet call to hit the road early and lone-wolf it back home. Each attendee took their own time in leaving. Some stayed to hang out longer. There was a venture to the picturesque Vasquez Rocks and another ride out to support a local small business owner and wind-sister at her Lancaster, CA located store, LEO + Mamas. I am so gratefully exhausted in the afterglow of this Stellar Campout experience. My feelings of loneliness and isolation have subsided for now and my heart is full. Thank you to Sharry for your wholesome food preparations. Juice, for your event planning expertise. Gevin, for knowing the way and leading the group rides. Coco, for hauling and maintaining so many fun machines for the track. Thank you to the sponsors; Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys, HD Footwear and SanRe Organic Skinfood.

A special big thank you to the Ride Wild Collective! There are some social media community platforms that have adapted quickly to the pandemic by becoming a home base and safe space for more inclusive, less exclusive resources that create a place to gain inspiration, find common interest and provide a source of self-empowerment, solidarity and support during these trying times. You are a home for many! Most importantly, thank you Stellar Moto Brand for making your dreams a reality for all to enjoy. Last, thank you to those who showed up to make this event as special as it was. All of your radiant loving energies were felt so strongly. In closing, I hope you find stories like these to be a source of inspiration for future adventures both big and small. Please follow and support your wind sisters. Reach out to your friends often. We’re all in this together! Stay safe. Stay sane. Live hard. Love harder. Keep trying new things. See things in new ways. And do it safely my Stellar friends!

Article & Photos Compliments of: n: Samantha Ray Moore w: ig: @sam.ray.m

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