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Hello, I'm  Sam Ray


I'm a photographer, motorcyclist & so much



photo by @laurapadillahalcon


We always have the power and ability to affect our own best lives, all the while, never forgetting to honor this existence and celebrate often while we're here. With that said, I want to discover what it is that fuels your soul so that you can share your vision with the world in your own unique way! I especially love representing and creating quality content for the people and their businesses that I trust and love both in front of the lens and behind the scenes. More than photography and motorcycling I offer various skills in marketing, freelance writing, email campaigning, social media management, sponsorship pitch deck proposal presentations, web development, & brand ambassadorship. Now, I ask you...

What message do you wish to share with the world?


. . . Are you ready to amplify it? 

Please enjoy as you scroll and browse all that I have to offer. While you're at it, shoot me a message below letting me know you're here so that we can start our journey and grow together.



Bulldog Realtors

California Moto Market

Doffo Winery

Eagle Rider

EZ Rider Demo

Gettysburg Bike Week

Gevin Fax

GIBS Grooming


Leka Fineman

Let The Wild In Moto

Lexin Moto

Project Bike Tech

Ride Wild

Rise Above Consulting LLC

Stellar Moto Brand

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Event, Product, Lifestyle, Portrait, Travel. 

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 Commercial, movement performance, motorcyclist. 

Image by Lukas Blazek


Social media management, email campaigning, website development, graphic design, data and performance analysis. 



Brand partnerships, influencer roles, sponsorship.

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PDF proposal presentations, pitch deck sponsorship packages & more. 


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